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Bole India Jai Bhim (2016)
Babu Hardas was a Dalit leader and an ardent follower of Dr. Ambedkar. His life was full of events as he tried very hard to create social awareness and bring a change in the society for his brethren. He expired at an young age of 35 years and had a small but an illustrious life. At the age of 17, Babu Hardas had started a weekly newspaper from Nagpur to spread social awareness amongst Dalits. He also formed a voluntary corps group to organize the youth. He opened a Mahila Aashram to impart training to women so that they may earn their livelihood. He also presided over various cooperatives. Babu Hardas was a strong opponent of irrational and superstitious customs of the society. He strongly opposed to the sub-caste barriers amongst the depressed classes. He arranged community dinners and invited to all people of depressed classes divided in various sub-castes. He was against idol worship and was a strong advocate of education to thee oppressed casts. He started various night schools ..

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